ErgoSonic Bass Drums are taking hold all over the country. See what people are saying about them. And since we have a sense of humor we've thrown in some amazing movie references to keep you entertained.

We were very impressed with the overall design. The evenness of sound allowed for more challenging parts to be written and the ability to use conventional matched grip helped our technique.
— Marty Chudacik—Battery Percussion Instructor, Johnson City High School Marching Band
The ErgoSonic design allowed for a more fluid motion and the entire line moved much more smoothly. It was great to see the entire battery doing a crab step across the field and not a mix of different strides and body facings.
— Mike McManamon—Battery/Marching Tech, Johnson City High School Marching Band
We received the drums yesterday. Dave and I set the drums up on the stands so the students would see them as they entered the room. The entire ensemble lost their minds! We are very pleased and thank you for the great service and these incredible instruments!
— Toney Dingess—Band Director, Meigs High School Marching Band
This is a brilliant concept which allows players to utilize a similar playing technique as that used on all other percussion instruments. This is flat out educationally sound. The use of the vertical stroke, using a variety of implements which can be applied for a number of different tonal colors, opens up unique design options. The ability to move in a similar manner as the snare and tenor players in the battery, without any line of sight issues to contend with, is a major factor in the instruments favor and a significant improvement over the conventional instrument. We are very excited to be using the drums with our marching band and winter percussion programs.
— Charles “Charlie” Poole, Jr.—DCI Hall of Fame, 27th Lancers, Everett High School Marching Band Instructor and Winter Percussion Ensemble Director
Never again will the nobility of the working class marching bass drummer be subjected to the petty bourgeois oppression, degradation, dehumanization and exploitation of the conventional bass drum producing industrialist machine.
— Carl Marx
From a design viewpoint, developing the show using a more universal marching technique made possible by the use of the ErgoSonic Bass Drums, allows for very different, more effective staging opportunities. Some great examples of this are improvement in the control of speed, more controlled directional changes and more robust opportunities for the use of line and shape as a design element. Most importantly, the performers are afforded more expressive opportunities and are able to make stronger and more effective audience connections as their upper bodies are more fully exposed. Consequently, performers become more aware of body shape, expressive responsibilities and staging motivation.
— Jim Vitagliano—Visual Designer, Everett Crimson Tide Winter Percussion Ensemble
These drums are ideal. They allow the player to use the same traditional matched grip as they would use playing a snare or tom, vs. the standard way of playing the conventional marching bass drum, which is a different motion that a young player is not used to. Marching is another advantage, since you face forward with a clear line of sight at all times. The sound is also excellent; since you only tune one batter head and the resonant head can be adjusted to get whatever particular texture you may want. Personally, I think this is the wave of the future. Using the drums for this past season with the Jamestown Red Raider Marching Band proved to be very positive and we look forward to using them again during the upcoming season.
— Rob Meger—Jamestown, NY Marching Band Drum Line Instructor
I really like the enhanced resonance and quality of sound that the new design brings. The drums project very well without being overbearing. I enjoyed watching the confidence of the kids grow as the season progressed. They went from one of the weaker to one of the strongest sections in the band.
— Mark Buza—Director, Johnson City High School Marching Band
This ashtray, this paddle-ball game and this ErgoSonic Bass Drum and that’s all I need!
— Navin Johnson
I never met an ErgoSonic Bass Drum I didn’t like.
— Will Rogers
I once played an ErgoSonic Bass Drum in my pajamas. How it got in my pajamas, I’ll never know!
— Graucho Marx
You play it just like a drum!
— #4 Bass Drummer—Deposit High School Band
Through the use of the ErgoSonic Angled Shell Marching Bass Drums, our marching training and technique program became more efficient due to the development of a similar lower body technique for all marching members. The use of a unified technique enhances the excellence of the group and allows for a more consistent delivery of technical skill by the performers. The uniform facing of the upper body allows for cleaner, more distinct body lines and helps to define the shape of forms more accurately.
— Jim Vitagliano —Visual Caption Coordinator, Everett High School Marching Band
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
— Paul Buza,—Head Marching Tech, Johnson City High School Marching Band
To think I wasted my time on the electric light bulb.
— Thomas Edison
I can most certainly appreciate the gravity of this invention.
— Sir Isaac Newton

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