ErgoSonic Angled Shell Marching Bass Drum


ErgoSonic Marching Bass Drums are available in the following sizes: 14", 16", 18", 20", 22", 24", 26"

Looking for a larger size and don't see it? Since our drums have larger resonating chambers than their conventional counterparts, a smaller diameter ErgoSonic instrument can replace a larger conventional bass drum.

Since the sizes of ErgoSonic drums and the conventional bass drums are not the same, please refer to the ErgoSonic Size Advantage chart to insure that you request the sizes you require.  When requesting a bid through you organization or school purchasing or business department, please specify adjustable angled shell marching bass drums on the bid request form.


Lugs and claws are chrome plated die cast steel. Tension rods are made from chrome plated steel. Vent liners are made from chrome plated steel.


Bumpers (feet) are made from medium-hard (50A durometer hardness) neoprene rubber.


Shells are made from 8-ply Vibrating Sound Source (VSS) maple, using space-age technology to condition each shell. VSS™ technology results in regenerated vibrations that elevate head response and increase drum performance, thus delivering a wider tonal range, more resonant frequencies and increased volume for longer, louder and warmer sounds.

Counter Hoops/Rims

Wood counter hoops are made from 12-ply maple and are installed to secure the resonant heads on all drums, and to secure the batter heads on all drums 22" and larger. Upon request, they may also be installed to secure batter heads on 14", 16", 18" and 20" drums. Metal rims are made from triple-flanged steel and are available to secure the batter (playing) heads on 14", 16", 18" and 20" drums.

Free Carrier Connection Assembly

All drums come with a carrier connection assembly comprised of connection blocks, brackets, rods and braces, which allow the drums to be connected to most currently available bass drum or multi-tenor/tom carriers. The assembly is made from 6061 high strength, precision machined anodized aluminum. Braces are made from steel.


Drums come with 1 batter (playing) head and 1 resonant (front) head. Factory installed heads by Evans. Resonant heads may be standard or ported.


Drums are available in white, black, red, burgundy (maroon), blue, green, silver, iron grey, and mirror. Additional colors may be available upon request as special orders. Lugs, claws, tension rods and vent liners are available in chrome, brass, black and white. Wood counter hoops are available in black and white. Metal rims are available in chrome, black and white. The carrier connection assembly is available in clear coat. Bumpers (feet) are available in black.



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