Shape Matters.

Through its innovative patented design and horizontal playing surface, the ErgoSonic® Marching Bass Drum allows players to face forward, move freely, and provides new tuning and playing options.

As our name implies, our drums are ergonomically designed to provide exceptional playing, tuning, tonal and movement capabilities which far surpass conventional drums. We currently offer four product categories: Angled Shell Marching Bass Drums, the ES36 Concert Bass Drum,  Angled Shell Concert Toms, and our Balanced Projection Drum Kit. Learn more about Our Drums.

Our flagship product, the ErgoSonic Angled Shell Marching Bass Drums was the start of our ground breaking design. The patented angled shell design has revolutionized marching percussion. This design allows performers to play the bass drum with the same fundamental stroke used to play all other percussion instruments, and to move with the same body orientation as everyone in the marching ensemble (facing forward).  

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