At ErgoSonic® Percussion, each and every drum is handcrafted in the U.S. and custom built in a variety of colors, hardware, rim and drum head configurations, to meet the needs of our customers.

As our name implies, our drums are ergonomically designed to provide exceptional playing, tuning, tonal and movement capabilities which far surpass conventional drums. We currently offer three product categories: Angled Shell Marching Bass Drums, the ES36 Concert Bass Drum, and our Angled Shell Concert Toms.

Angled Shell Marching Bass Drum

Playing Advantages

You Play Our Bass Drum Like Every Other Drum

  • Horizontal playing surface that you play like every other matched grip percussion instrument, on one head with a vertical stroke
  • All the traditional percussive strokes, hand dampening and muting techniques can be used
  • Playing angle is adjustable from 35 degrees to 0 degrees (flat)

Creates a More Even Sound

  • Eliminates the uneven sound which results from playing on one forward facing and one rear facing head on the conventional bass drum
  • Eliminates all sticking and lead hand decisions which are required when using the conventional marching bass drum
  • Makes extracting multiple tone qualities from the center, midpoint, edge and rim of the drum easier
  • Has both a batter and resonent head which can be independently tuned and muffled to produce a much wider range of tuning possibilities than is available on the conventional marching bass drum
  • A resonant head makes it easy to control the quality of sound, degree of attack, length of decay and resonance of the drum
  • A ported resonant head may be used to alter the pitch and projection characteristics of the instrument while offering virtually unlimited venting possibilities
  • The resonant head may be completely eliminated, providing a more direct bass drum sound with more defined attack and intensity, and less resonance
  • The wider range of tuning options available means that a smaller drum may be used to produce the same relative pitch as a larger instrument, useful in accommodating performers who are small in stature

Mount Accessories

  • Provides easier access to rim-mounted accessory instruments (e.g., woodblock, cow bell, splash cymbal, gok block, etc.
  • In parade formation, the sound of the drum projects forward through the form, rather than off to the side
  • Has a lower center of gravity providing greater ease of movement and stability and a lighter feel (especially useful for smaller stature drummers.)
  • Can be attached to most commercially available bass drum/multi-tom carriers using the carrier connection arms provided with each drum
  • Has 3 bumpers (feet) on the bottom of the drum which prevents damage to the hardware, hoops and shell of the instrument when it is placed on the ground or pavement





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