Presenting the NEW ErgoSonic Angled Shell Drum Set

An Innovative New Direction in Drum Set Design & Performance

Presence, Power, Punch, Projection

• The revolutionary design of our drums results in additional presence, as well as greater power, punch and projection.

• The forward facing angled resonant sections of our toms and floor toms provide greater directionality of sound and acoustic focus. 

• The larger resonating chambers of our toms and floor toms produce a wider range of tuning possibilities than conventional instruments. (See size chart)

Produces a Wider Variety of Timbres & Sounds

• The resonant head (front) of our toms and floor toms can be independently tuned and ported, greatly expanding the drum’s tuning and muffling capabilities

• Our forward facing toms and floor toms can be used with or without resonant heads on the bottom (front) of the drums.

• Kickports and other tuning and muffling devices can be more effectively positioned and used on our toms, floor toms and bass drum.

Distinctive Signature Offset Lug Design

Maple or Chrome Rims/Hoops

Unique Chrome Accent Stripe

Custom Shell Colors

Proudly Hand Crafted in the USA






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