Angled Shell Concert Toms

Produces a Wider Variety
of Timbres & Sounds

• Our larger resonating chambers produce a wider relative pitch range and expand the potential tuning possibilities.

•    Unlike most conventional Concert Toms, our drums have a resonant head on the bottom (front) which can be independently tuned, muffled and dampened to produce a wide variety of timbres.

•    Our forward facing Concert Toms can be used with or without resonant heads on the bottom (front) of the drums.


Significant Acoustic
& Tuning Advantages 

•    The forward facing resonant sections of our Concert Toms provide greater directionality and sound focus. 

•    The revolutionary design results in additional acoustic presence, greater power and improved projection.

•    Muffling felts, kickports and other tuning, dampening and muffling devices can be more effectively positioned and used on our instruments.

ErgoSonic 36 inch Suspended Concert Bass Drum


The Advantages

  • Places the playing surface in the optimum position for performance

  • Improves the performer’s line of sight to the conductor/ director

  • Improved playing ease, particularly on more complex parts

  • Greater directionality of sound

  • Enhanced rhythmic clarity

  • Improved acoustic response

Larger Resonating Chamber
Creates More Punch & Impact 

  • The angled shell design also gives the ES36 a larger resonating chamber (27,977 cubic inches), than the conventional 36”x 22” concert bass drum (22,382 cubic inches), or the 40”x 22” drum (27,632 cubic inches), creating increased resonance, punch and impact.

  • The use of 24 lugs (12 per head), instead of 20 lugs (10 per head), along with the use of die cast claws, provides more stable, accurate and consistent tuning.

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